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The Myth of Immigrants and Public Services

As you may have read recently, 115,000 people lost access to coverage under the Affordable Care Act because they failed to provide documentation of their legal status. This topic has been discussed at a national level across major news outlets, but what’s missing from much of the coverage is how… Read the rest

Refugee Adjustment Day

Parker Butte & Lane (PBL) attorney Anaiah Krueger volunteered at AILA’s Refugee Adjustment Day on Saturday, October 11. Volunteer attorneys, paralegals, law students, and community members helped 26 refugee families from Africa, Iraq, and Nepal/Bhutan apply for lawful permanent resident status. Generous donations of new and gently used toys from… Read the rest

A Deportation Machine

Artesia is a small city in southern New Mexico, with a population of around 10,500. Like many small, southwestern cities, its primary industries are oil and agriculture. It is hundreds of miles from any major city. By any normal measure, it should not be on the national radar at all,… Read the rest

Immigrants Play Huge Role in Creating Jobs and Growing U.S. Economy

We need to attract and retain more highly-skilled immigrants to remain competitive. And here’s why. A study conducted by the American Enterprise Institute and the Partnership for a New American Economy found that for every 100 immigrants who earn advanced degrees in the U.S. and then stay to work in… Read the rest

“Finding Dreams in America”

We recently ran across a great opinion piece called “Finding Dreams in America” — written by Sonia Sroka. Sonia immigrated from El Salvador as a child and is now the Senior Vice President, Director of Hispanic Marketing at a major marketing firm. She speaks of the challenges… Read the rest

What Can the President Do for Immigration Reform

President Obama recently indicated he is ready to use his executive powers – historically used to interpret and implement U.S. laws – to inject rationality and humanity into a broken immigration system that is neither responsive to families nor business realities. Here are some things the President can do without… Read the rest

The Complex Road to Legal Immigration

We have often heard that people who are here illegally are just trying to get in front of the line and don’t  want to follow our immigration laws. They may be surprised to see just how complex the process is to get legal status or that much coveted “green card.”   … Read the rest

What Do Lawyers Really Do?

When clients come to our office or even when they are deciding whether to make an appointment, one of the first questions is frequently: “What can a lawyer do for me that I cannot do myself?” I have been thinking about this question for years and struggling for an answer… Read the rest

US Citizenship Achieved & Recognition in Haiku

These are some haiku poems that a client wrote in relation to her naturalization, and pictures from the event. “I would like to express my gratitude to my young friend and benefactor Reiko Hillyer. It was her steadfast support and guidance that helped me obtain, after 43 years of living… Read the rest