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Posts with the category ‘Musings and Reflection’

Threats, Opportunities for Employers in 2018

After a tumultuous, difficult year in 2017 with respect to immigration and border issues, attorneys from the Alliance of Business Immigration Lawyers (ABIL) shared their thoughts on what employers can expect in 2018. Below is a summary of their responses and reports from the field. Where Things Stand Now The… Read the rest

Green Card after 48 Days!

From Part 4 of this blog, I had passed my “interview” with immigration in Cancun and was told my Mexican “green card” would be arriving within 10 business days.  Having received nothing in the mail, electronic or otherwise, after a month we decided to go back to Cancun and inquire… Read the rest

When the shoe is on the other foot….

As immigration lawyers our focus is almost always on bringing people—workers, family members, clergy or artists—to the U.S. But immigration goes in all directions. In this original blog post we share the experiences of former PB&L paralegal Sonia Molinar who moved to Mexico last September after marrying a Mexican… Read the rest


With the current stalemate over the implementation of President Obama’s Expanded DACA  (Differed  Action for Childhood Arrivals) and the new DAPA (Differed Action for Parental Accountability) it seems that the proponents of these temporary executive office programs have failed to generate the broad support from the American people that would… Read the rest

The Driver’s License Initiative That Never Was

It was a total surprise to see how drastically Measure 88 (the driver’s license initiative) went down to defeat in this month’s election.  It seemed like a winner that would protect the general public and provide more accountability for the undocumented. We can be fairly certain that the undocumented will… Read the rest

Why I Enjoy Practicing Immigration Law by James L. Lane

I started practicing immigration law at the end of 1983 at a time when Congress passed  legislation that allowed out of status aliens who had been in the U.S. prior to January 1, 1982 to apply  for legal residency. Also  agricultural workers, who had worked for three years or for… Read the rest