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US Citizenship Achieved & Recognition in Haiku

These are some haiku poems that a client wrote in relation to her naturalization, and pictures from the event.

“I would like to express my gratitude to my young friend and benefactor Reiko Hillyer. It was her steadfast support and guidance that helped me obtain, after 43 years of living in America, my long-desired US citizenship. It is for her, with deep appreciation, that I compose these seven haiku.”


countless Stars and Stripes
over every house wave —
spring is in the air

to pledge allegiance
my hand raised and resolute —
sweet smell of lilies

my citizenship
may have changed but my new home
is the wider world.

the Constitution
is a grove of summer trees
fresh poems on each bud

students sing and dance
voices proudly reciting
the names of the states

in my new country
the pursuit of happiness —
roses in full bloom

the United States
the melting pot of the world —
spring colors ablaze

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